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Trackabout Off Road Campers are not only an industry leader in design, innovation, quality and service but also one of the longest standing Australian manufacturers in off-road camper trailers. What once started in the mid 1990's as a small business based in Brisbane's south has grown into a manufacturer that provides off road campers nationwide and beyond.

At Trackabout, every model and every option is the result of obsessive attention to detail and countless hours of "real world" RnD, dating back to our large rental fleet of campers in the early 2000s. Every element is thought of and no detail is too small for our attention. This means our product and its modular options work seamlessly across the range from our Touring Series to our Base Camp models.

A key point of focus for the design at Trackabout Campers is the evolution of our products. A lot of emphasis is put on our customers off road needs which have allowed us to develop our product over many years. The basic principle of our product hasn't changed over the decades, solid, easy to use Australian made campers that will follow you up and down any journey you embark on. With a company founded and staffed by campers, evolution comes naturally.

With state of the art technology behind us, advancements through computer aided design, laser cutting and redefined assembly procedures have allowed us to maximise features, storage & usability therefore adding value for our customers. All of our components are finished to the highest standards, allowing aesthetics and practicality to bond effortlessly.

Trackabout has continued to prove itself as one of the best camper trailer manufactures in Australia forging a reputation based on innovation, quality and comfort. So make sure you have the best behind you!

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